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Bryomixol is a source of additional Cell Energy, providing a reenergizing force with the final object of maintaining cell viability and function.
Bryomixol is a complex compound formed by the essences of the plants and minerals found in forests and deserts of the world, which are greatly diluted, energetically stored in sterile water, and introduced in tiny amounts into the human body, sublingually, by inhalation, and/or by intra muscular and/or intravenous injections.

Bryomixol treatment is absolutely natural, without toxic effects or contraindications. It is based on naturally enhancing the cancer patientís own immune response, through stimulation of the NK (Natural Killer) cells responsible for our immune defenses. Bryomixol treatment also rapidly activates the alternative cellular energy (ACE) mechanism, the Alternative Cellular Energy Path, which is suppressed in whole or in part by the disease itself or traditional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery.

We recommend starting with Bryomixol as soon as possible upon diagnosis of the disease. Bryomixol treatment should ideally be received before, during, and after classic therapeutic procedures for cancer (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery). All these methods are immunosuppressive in one way or another.


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