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Lymphotonic PF2

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A little-known cancer treatment option, researched in Russia and the USA, with an unusual mechanism for destroying cancer cells. According to Russian-translated 'Cancer puts your immune system to sleep. Once asleep; it will start pirating on weaker cells. Proliferation and colonization of rebel cells begins, creating ever-increasing tumor colonies. Lymphotonic PF2 will pretend to 'poison' your system with a herbal non-toxic drink. Your immune response will be immediate and alert to any such invasive attack. It will unleash its defense troops: the K-killer cells, T-cells, Leucocytes and Macrophage and others to repulse the invasion. Not finding any 'poison' to fight, since Lymphotonic PF2 is herbal and non-toxic, it will attack the malignant cancer cells, neutralizing them and knocking them out.' That website contains a long list of cancers suitable for this type of therapy, many patient testimonials and research studies.

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