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Our method corrects recently discovered critical nutrient deficiencies in cases of cancer. These deficiencies have also been found to increase the incidence of a variety of cancers. Included are deficiencies of plant phenolics, the vitamin B complex, iodine, lipids and a group of minerals the deficiency of which reproduce the effects of radiation or chemical damage to DNA, leading to immune suppression and altered cellular proliferation.
Inadequate nutrient uptake may be due to poor nutrition, stressful lifestyles that reduce the nutrient processing capacity of the gut, or a combination of both. Because these nutritional deficiencies can initiate carcinogenesis and tumorigenesis, their correction is essential to reversing the disease. These findings also support the proposition that cancer is a systemic disease, and not confined to the tumor.
Based on this understanding we formulated the MSQ 15F dietary supplement that is a thick brown liquid that has a sweet flavor. Take one fluid ounce (two tablespoons or 30 ml) three times a day, for a minimum of 21 days or longer if necessary. The supplement may be combined with water, milk, or juice, and lick the spoon or measuring cup clean. This is an adult dose.

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