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Insulin Potentiated Therapy

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Other Names: IPT

IPT is a non-diabetic use of the hormone insulin. Cancer treatment with IPT is far safer, more effective, and less expensive with virtually no side effects. Research has shown that most cancer cells have as many as 10-15 times more insulin receptors on their surface than normal healthy cells. With insulin present, these receptors open cell wall channels which allow nutrients to enter the cell. As cancer cells have so many more of these receptors of normal cells, they strongly compete with normal cells for many nutrients. When insulin is administered to a cancer patient prior to chemotherapy, it opens the receptor channels of both the cancer cell as well as the normal cells. As a result, only a very small dose of chemotherapy need be used - usually 10% of typical amount. As to be expected, a cancer cell absorbs ten times the amount as a normal cell. The normal cell will be relatively unaffected by this small dose. Not so with cancer cells - they are destroyed.

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Name: Gilberto Alvarez MD
Clinic Name: Stella Maris Clinic
Location: Tijuana, Mexico

Name: Martin Dayton MD
Clinic Name: Dayton Medical Center
Location: Sunny Isles Beach, 33160 UnitedStates

Name: Kurt Donsbach PhD
Clinic Name: Hospital Santa Monica
Location: Rosarito Beach, Mexico


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