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Other Names: Apricot Pits, Vitamin B17, Amygdalin

There is no more controversial alternative cancer treatment than Laetrile. This long standing, effective therapy still remains discredited and banned by the American government after 50 years of continuous use in 17 other countries around the world. Laetrile (also called Amygdalin or vitamin B17) is a powerful cancer fighter when used in conjunction with other appropriate treatments. The book 'Alive and Well', by Philip E. Binzel Jr. MD documents his many success stories using Laetrile. Injectable forms and pill forms are available today, but many people simply choose to eat apricot seeds - a rich natural source of Amygdalin, the key ingredient. Some believe the seeds, which are contained within the pits, are superior to extracts as they contain other naturally occurring factors. (Note search the Internet for proper instructions on eating apricot pits. Recommendations are usually one pit for each 10 pounds of body weight taken throughout the day. A slow but sure build up to that amount is usually also recommended.)

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Name: Gilberto Alvarez MD
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Location: Tijuana, Mexico

Name: Michael Schachter MD
Clinic Name: The Schachter Center
Location: Suffern, 10901

Name: Chuck Mary MD
Clinic Name: Mary Medical Clinic
Location: Metairie, 70002

Name: Rodrigo Rodriguez MD
Clinic Name: Mexico
Location: Fraccionamiento Del Prado,


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