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Vitamin C (high dose)

Category: Nutritional

Vitamin C - one of your body's best friends. Due to a curious twist of fate in evolution, human beings along with a small handful of other mammals cannot make their own Vitamin C. All other mammals on earth can in any amount they require. We need to get our essential Vit. C any way we can. It's uses in the body seem endless. In so far as a cancer therapy, the following website lists 60 references to published studies:

Google it: Vitamin C (high dose)

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Doctors using this treatment.

Name: John Canizzo
Clinic Name: Envita
Location: Scottsdale, 85260

Name: Gilberto Alvarez MD
Clinic Name: Stella Maris Clinic
Location: Tijuana, Mexico

Name: Steven MacPherson ND
Clinic Name: The Leo J. Bolles Clinic
Location: Bellevue, 98008

Name: Michael Schachter MD
Clinic Name: The Schachter Center
Location: Suffern, 10901

Name: Chuck Mary MD
Clinic Name: Mary Medical Clinic
Location: Metairie, 70002

Name: Martin Dayton MD
Clinic Name: Dayton Medical Center
Location: Sunny Isles Beach, 33160 UnitedStates

Name: Rodrigo Rodriguez MD
Clinic Name: Mexico
Location: Fraccionamiento Del Prado,

Name: Christian Issels ND
Clinic Name: Issels Medical Centers
Location: Santa Barbara, 93101


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