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  User name: lee
  Location: Bone     Stage: Stage 0
  Oregon, 97006 Age: 78
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By blood,urine tests and a bone biopsy which indicated Smoldering Myeloma.The Doctor told me that when it reaches stage one my life expectancy is 36 months with treatment 18 without. That there ts no cure. Well after a lot of research I changed my diet and I am taking herbs on my on. If you treat your self, our conventional medical system leaves a lot to be desired as you might have to keep it to yourself or the health insurance with some HMO'S might cut off the tests you need to see how you are doing. It is like being in a small life raft in the middle of the ocean..Lost between two shores.

Treatment: Carnivora
by lee @ Tue Oct 11, 2011
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Dose as per Carnivora Web Sit.
So far my shortness of breath went away.
Will have new tests soon.


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  Washington, 98382 Age: 70

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