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  User name: patricia fogg
  Location: Lung     Stage: Stage IVA
  Maine, 4210 Age: 51
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An increasing headache, later accompanied by nausea.

Treatment: Chemotherapy
by patricia fogg @ Thu Apr 12, 2012
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carboplatin and alimta every 3 weeks, for total of 4 treatments. Mainly experienced fatigue because of low WBC, then hemoglobin and RBC. A little nausea after chemo but only for one day and had no vomiting. I had a chemosensitivity test which indicated carboplatin with 82% ca cell kill rate and gemcitabine 80%. The oncologist was unwilling to deviate from the standard of care, carbo and alimta. Alimta had a 65% kill rate.
After tx 2 a cat scan showed a 60% reduction of the lung tumor. No news on the brain mets for which I received 14 days WBR. I will be screened again next week.


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