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  User name: mike
  Location: Leukemia     Stage: Unknown
  Missouri, 64083 Age: 59
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I was diagnosed with large granular lymphocyte leukemia. Started out in the late 1987 with a virus I believe. continued getting sick all the time. hospitalized in 1992 for virus, treated with antibiotics and sent home. Had generalized malaise, weakness, night sweats, and nausea. 1995 went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and diagnosed with LGL leukemia. White blood count
was 29000 to 39000 with absolute lymphocytosis. Peripheral blood lymphocyte cytoflow was consistent with natural killer cell disorder CD2+, CD7+, CD16+, and CD56+. They did not want to treat me for anything and sent me home. I started taking vitamins and eating healthy foods. In 1998 I started mountain bike riding three to four times a week sick or not I drove myself hard to over come this disorder. It made me feel better after exercising. In 2005 I started using olive leaf extract, CoQ10, Vitamin C and the disorder went away. My Doctor at the Kansas City Cancer Center said I was benign and he never seen that before. At this time WBC dropped to 19.1 still a little high but I was feeling great for the first time in years. Today I am starting to not feel very good 9-13-13. Started feeling sick with the distinct ringing going on in my ears that I am sure it is coming back. I will start using green tea again and look for my notes on past history.


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