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  Location: Ovary     Stage: Stage IC
  Saudi Arabia, 1 Age: 43
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ultrasound due to period disturbance

Treatment: Sodium Bicarbonate
by @ Mon Nov 30, -0001
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tow days on ,tow days off on 300 ml intrapirtoneal with drainage bag to evacuate gas and unwanted fluids . in addition to daily dressing with sterile stuff
Treatment: Surgery
by @ Sun Dec 3, 2000
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she had 4 surgeries initial was in 2000 second was staging one month after , third was 2006 due to recurrence in the same side , 4th was also for recurrence in the same side and involvement of sigmoid colon

Status: Better
by @ Fri Nov 14, 2008 06:20 PM
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she is waiting and praying to god that it will not come back


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